Dr. Emanuela Torelli - Senior Transitional Fellow in NanoBio Technology

Dr. Emanuela Torelli - Senior Postdoctoral and Transitional Fellow - NanoBio Technology

After my research experience in Italy (University of Udine) and in Saudi Arabia (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), I held a Research Fellowship position at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Since 2016, I’m Senior Researcher in Professor N. Krasnogor’s team at Newcastle University, School of Computing.

My areas of expertise are focused on biotechnology, synthetic biology and DNA/RNA nanobiotechnology, and my research activities are based at the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystem (ICOS2) wet lab, collaborating extensively with computer scientists. In a multidisciplinary perspective, I’m deeply intrigue in exploring DNA, RNA and DNA/RNA hybrid origami nanostructures tailored to specific applications, from biosensing to in vivo self-assembly to direct specific metabolic pathways.

From 2016 to 2021, I was part of the EPSRC Portabolomics Project working on novel bio-adaptor for cell control and interfacing. Recently, I moved to EnDROIDS project focusing my research at the intersection of nanotechnology and synthetic biology with the ultimate aim of processing information in vivo. I’m also co-investigator in a UK Innovate Project and in the Destination project (FET-Open, H2020), both focused on the development of novel cargo packaging system for mRNA.