Neil Mackenzie - Doctoral Student, DNA Data Storage

Neil Mackenzie

My initial introduction into the field of DNA data storage and associated technologies was through my undergraduate thesis completed at Oxford Brookes which I wrote on “the feasibility of DNA cryptography as a security system” and predicted that it would be feasible in 2021.

In order to work towards my prediction I am creating a queue ADT in DNA and developing a computation workflow to further help meet our goal of creating a “DNA storage system that is scalable and environmentally sustainable”. While also verifying other computational models from an experimental point of view.

Within Newcastle I am part of the Interdisciplinary Computing and BioSystems(ICOS) research group, Portabolomics and EnDROIDS projects.

Outside of my research my other interests are: DNA synthesis, the 4th Industrial revolution, programming and automation of lab protocols and the life sciences startup ecosystem.