Dr. Silvia A. Navarro - Synthetic Biologist

Dr. Silvia Adriana Navarro-Research Associate

Synthetic Biology

My name is Silvia Adriana Navarro, I am a Research Associate at Newcastle University. I have a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Biological Science from Universidad Nacional de Tucuman in Argentina.

My research activities are mainly related to the fields of Synthetic Biology and Microbiology. I work on the articulation between Computing Science and Biological Science by emulating data structure in microorganisms.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been deeply fascinated by the malleability of the DNA molecule, which is known to be an inexhaustible source of new academic knowledge and technological development opportunities, ranging from the modification of individual bases that can change the metabolism of a microorganism to the ability to shape its three-dimensional form to obtain different nano-tools or nano-devices with new biological functions.

Using DNA as a data storage device in the bacterial environment seems to me an exciting challenge that combines leveraging the infinite ductility of the DNA molecule with our ability to understand microbiological systems in order to modify them to emulate data structures designed in the field of Computing Science.