The future of computing - Insights from the Unconventional Computing Workshop, Bristol, October 2023

The future of computing: Insights from the Unconventional Computing Workshop, Bristol, October 2023

The Unconventional Computing Workshop, organized by Andrew Adamatzky from the Unconventional Computing Lab at UWE Bristol, brought together experts from diverse fields to explore the innovative frontiers of computation. Sponsored by EU funded H2020 projects COGITOR and FUNDATERIA, the experts attending the workshop proposed new approaches beyond traditional computing, such as utilizing cultivated fungal networks, harnessing the collective intelligence of soldier crabs, and exploring computing with chemical oscillators.

Prof. Natalio Krasnogor, the lead of EndROIDS team, presented his work on DNA data storage and DNA origami. Krasnogor introduced the workshop attendees the cutting-edge technology that exploits the incredible storage capacity of DNA molecules. This approach does not only hold the promise of storing vast amounts of digital information in a remarkably compact form, it also offers unparalleled long-term preservation capabilities. Natalio Krasnogor also talked about DNA origami; a technique involving the precise folding of DNA molecules into predetermined shapes and structures. This method opens possibilities for nanoscale engineering, potentially advancing various academic disciplines, such as therapeutic interventions.

As we continue exploring the diverse capabilities of DNA, ground-breaking developments are anticipated that will shape the future of science.

For more information, James Tyrell delves deeper into the unconventional ideas presented at the workshop.

Image by Irina Petrova Adamatzky